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Playing Catch-Up

It’s only been a few days but it feels like FOREVER since I’ve written. I’ve just been so caught up in the nice weather that we’ve been having πŸ™‚ The last two days have been AMAZING! It’s been in the high 70’s and sunny and thunderstorming and perfect! Finals are next week and I should be studying, but how can I resist this rare weather? πŸ˜›

On Monday Laura and I decided to bar hop all afternoon! We met up with our friends, Bo and Ed, and had a few drinks. The only thing missing was the beach πŸ˜› (I’m a beach bum if you couldn’t tell.. love everything about it! I could go on and on.. I’ll save that for another day haha)

Yesterday wasn’t as sunny but it was still warm. After class I went upstairs to hang out with Danielle. She has a balcony so we pretty much hung out up there all day. We took a few adventures to places including Target, the liquor store, and the puppy place! The puppies were ADORABLE! We had fun just hanging out with them for a little bit.. makes me really want a puppy πŸ™‚

Today two of my classes were cancelled so I only had my 8 am. Afterwards I went to the gym. Holy hot!Β It was so hot and humid in there. I was sweating like a mother.

This is my favorite place to go when I want to get my cardio in. This mini-gym is in the natatorium and it overlooks the pools. It’s always a plus when I work out at the same time as the mens swimming team practice πŸ˜‰

Today I have to get work done. It’s overcast so I’m not distracted by the sun which is a good thing! I have so many fun things planned for the rest of the week so I need to try and accomplish some school related things. Booo haha

Hope everyone is having a great week! Halfway done!!

What is your favorite type of cardio workout?



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Easter Eggstravaganza

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!! I hope everyoneΒ is enjoying their time with family and friends. I know I sure am!

This was the first holiday without my family. I was pretty upset that I wasn’t going to be home with them, but my roommates and friends made it an extremely great weekend!

Friday night I tried to make my own version of Gracie’s Tomato Chickpea Casserole. Let me start off by saying canned spinach is the worst thing in the world! Definitely need to stick with frozen!

It looks pretty good, but the spinach ruined it big time. Now I know for next time.. frozen > canned.

Yesterday my roomies and I dyed Easter eggs!!! πŸ™‚

When my mom came up during the week she brought us an Easter egg dying kit! I was super excited that I was still able to dye eggs even though I wasn’t home. Britt, Laura, & I had some good roomie bonding!

Laura and I went to the bars both Friday and Saturday night. We met up with a bunch of our FOTO friends and had a blast! We didn’t get to bed until almost 5 am last night (..this morning?) so I’m super tired to say the least.

We had an early Easter lunch/dinner.

Tons of yummy food! I ate wayyyy too much today, but it was all too good to pass up πŸ™‚

The 3 of us have been pretty lazy today. We’re just hanging out and watching Step Brothers! I’ve never seen this movie in its entirety so I’m gonna stop writing and start paying attention! πŸ˜›

Did you do anything fun for Easter?


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Doin It Live

Last night was a lot of fun! I bought some Riesling (SOOO good!). I never had it before, but I heard good things about it. I love the sweetness and it was perfect! Danielle and I watched our favorite show, Vampire Diaries, while Laura was getting ready. Then we went to our friends birthday party and had a great time!

all black everythinggg

Our theme for the night was Doin It Live and we decided we would all match and where some sexy black dresses πŸ˜‰

So far today has been good. I just got back from lunch with Laura, Britt, & Britt’s mom. We went to one of my favorite places here, The Deli. I ordered the Baja Swordfish Salad.

This salad was delicious! It had avocado, corn, and tomatoes. It was nice and light. The swordfish was cooked perfectly as well!

Now Laura and I are just sitting in our apartment looking at the snow/sleet/rain MESS that is happening outside. GROSS! It’s the end of April.. no need for snow! This is a far cry from yesterday when I captured this picture:

We’re going to go to Full Body Workout later and it’ll be nice to get my muscles movin! We’re also going to stop at Starbucks some time today to get our free tea/coffee! πŸ™‚

How is the weather where you are?


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Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing

I’m not gonna lie.. today has had more downs than ups.. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed which means I guess I was closer to the edge instead of the wall (I cuddle with the wall every night.. I have a twin bed :P)

First off it’s cold. It may be “warm” to some people, but anything less than 70 degrees is cold to me. The sun has made an appearance today so I can’t complain too much!

After class I decided to come home and spend some time in this lovely place:

That’s right – laundry time! My laundry pile was getting a bit out of control. I noticed that my detergent had a weird consistency but I decided to use it any way. Bad decision. I seriously think a little fairy man came in and switched my detergent to water. Nothing seemed clean. FAIL #1

I put everything in the dryers and took a trip to McDonald’s to get iced coffee with Danielle. We ordered the same thing: medium sugar-free vanilla iced coffee with NO cream. What does the lady do? She makes the first one with cream. It wasn’t a big deal though.. we politely informed her that we ordered them without cream and she made us a new one. Here’s where it went wrong… TOO MANY FLAVOR PUMPS!!

FAIL #2. She put in 6 pumps.. it was so sweet and so disgusting! But when I got home I added some milk and fixed it all up!

Then I went to go get my clothes out of the dryer……. Only one machine was on. The door to the other one was open.. so everything was still wet.Β FAIL #3. So now I have to wait 50 more minutes for my other load of laundry to dry..

As you can see, I am not a happy camper today. The weather forecast for tomorrow is also contributing to the crabiness.. snow showers in the morning.. FOR REAL!?!?!

As I was sitting here thinking about what I wanted my post to be about, I remembered a song that always makes me realize that nothing is as bad as it seems.

The lyrics are so true. Sometimes I just need to remember that all of these little mishaps don’t matter. Not everything in life is going to go smoothly. You’ll have your good days, and you’ll also have your bad days. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you’re losing. No matter what it brings don’t worry ’bout a thing.” I’ll get through it and tomorrow is always a new day πŸ™‚

Hope everyone is having a great day! Only 1 more day until the weekend!! (Although mine is starting tonight! It’s my friend Jacquie’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Jacquie!!)

How do you get through a bad day?

What is your favorite kind of iced coffee?

Β Β 

Β Β  Β 

*** update: The dryer door was open AGAIN when I went to go pick up my clothes for the second time…. MEAN JOKE by whoever keeps opening that door and not turning the machine back on



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It’s Peanut Butta Jelly Time

Howdy from the computer lab! Hope everyone’s having a great morning πŸ™‚ The sun is trying to peek out and it’s supposed to reach 71 degrees! (Although it is going to rain.. again.. oyyy) I’m very happy I didn’t have to wear a jacket today! Here’s my outfit:

My mom bought me some clothes and brought them when she visited yesterday. The blue flowered tank was one of them! My mom and I have different tastes sometimes, but I’m really glad I kept this shirt!

Since I got tons of food at Walmart last night, deciding what to eat for breakfast was tough! After weighing all of my options, I decided on this:

First off: Silk Light Vanilla milk is the best milk in the entire world! I can probably drink the entire carton in one sitting it is so good!

I see a lot of bloggers that eat Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter. I immediately knew I needed to try it once I saw Dark Chocolate Dreams. It is wonderful! I wasn’t expecting the slight crunchiness, but I definitely love the chocolatey taste! Yum πŸ™‚

I put some creamy natural Skippy’s peanut butter and strawberry jelly on my other slice of wheat toast. My dad first introduced me to peanut butter and jelly toast when I was younger. I loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and I love this! I think it’s even better when it’s toasted! It’s pretty much the only way I eat pb&j now!

I have to run now and finish some homework before class. Later gators!!!

What is your favorite jelly flavor?


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Mom Visits!

I had a pretty great day! It’s raining again in State College, but I’m so used to it that I try not to let it affect my mood anymore.

My mom came to visit today!!!!! πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen her for almost 2 months now.. too freakin long! Danielle, Laura, Britt, my mom, and I went to dinner at Cozy Thai. My mom never had Thai food before, and she ended up really loving it!


mid-smile haha.. I hope she doesn’t kill me for putting this picture up..! (Sorry Mom! You look beautiful!) But she’s cute and I love her so much! πŸ™‚

I ordered Pad Khing (Ginger Stir-Fried). It was delicious!

It originally came with rice, but I ordered noodles instead! Yummy in my tummy πŸ™‚

This was the second time I’ve ever had Thai food and I am obsessed. It’s delicious! And a good meal is always made greater with wonderful company! I had an overall great time! (Love you Danielle, Laura, Britt, and Mommy <333)

Afterwards we went to….. WALLYWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! (aka Walmart hahaha) Love that place! Stocked up on a bunch of food!

Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday πŸ˜‰

What is your favorite Thai dish?



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Chopped βœ‚

Sooooooo I decided to be somewhat spontaneous and get my hair cut today! πŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I finally followed through! My hair was so dead and damaged, and I just wanted to get rid of it. I also had a coupon! It only cost me $15!!

awkward self-taken photo

There it is – the new ‘do! (I didn’t fully style it because I’m not going out anywhere tonight, but you get the idea haha) I feel so much better and I’m very happy I got it cut πŸ™‚ Now hopefully my hair is healthy enough to grow faster so I can have long, beautiful hair in the future!

Calorie Killer kicked butt! It was an hour long and nothing short of amazing. I don’t think I ever sweated that much in my entire life! We kept rotating through cardio and strength training drills. Definitely killed those calories πŸ˜‰

one of the fitness rooms where we have classes!

Afterwards it was time for a little treat! Laura and I stopped and got some froyo at Campus Candy!

I meant to take a picture before I started eating, but I forgot πŸ˜› Usually their froyo costs $0.49 an ounce, but today they had a little sale and it only cost us $0.25 an ounce – toppings and all! I got some chocolate and white macadamia nut froyo with chocolate sprinkles and some crumbled oreos. So yummy πŸ™‚

Tonight I’m not doing much of anything. I don’t really have any school work to do other than start getting things together for finals. But since I’m #1 procrastinator, that is not happening hahaΒ I’m just going to listen to music and put together a little shopping list so I’m prepared to go to the grocery store tomorrow!
My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her! I’m not going home for Easter so she’s going to bring a little bit of Easter to me πŸ™‚


What is one of your favorite, yet simple, recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?


What is your favorite froyo flavor?



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