Rain Rain Go Away.. It’s Time for Relay!

Good afternoon 🙂 I decided to skip my nap and catch up on some blogging before Relay for Life starts!! I was busy this morning setting up tents and tables in the cold rain for this 24 hour event! I’m so excited and know it’s going to be a great time! I’m a Fundraising Captain and I’m also on the Purple People Eaters team =) I just wish the weather was better.. the forecast does not look very promising for the rest of the day..


Tomorrow looks rain-free as of right now though, so that is a VERY good thing. I’ll post more about it tomorrow night after it’s all over. If you’re not sure what Relay is all about, check out this site and donate to a great cause: Relay for Life of Penn State

I started my day off with an early morning workout. I was not a happy camper when my alarm went off this morning, but as soon as I got up and going I knew it would be worth it. Early morning workouts are definitely the best. Once you get past the hurdle of actually getting out of bed at a crazy early time, everything else is easy peasy! I felt SO good after my workout and it has given me crazy energy all morning and afternoon. I’m definitely willing to add some more 6:30 am workouts into my daily routine!

After setting up for Relay, I came home and went right to the fridge. I made myself a turkey and feta panini which was delicious. Then, I made some mini Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins to satisfy my chocolate craving 🙂

Now it’s time for me to eat and pack and head up to Relay for Life where I will be for the next 26 hours or so!

Question: How do you make comments automatically post instead of having to approve each one?



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3 responses to “Rain Rain Go Away.. It’s Time for Relay!

  1. Aw I always do Relay but am missing it this year because of study abroad! Have fun!!
    P.S. Not sure about the comments thing since I don’t have wordpress!

  2. aww, i love relay for life! i did it every year in undergrad. it always ended up being freezing cold or rainy every single time i did it. it’s not fun being uncomfortable, but being there at 6am when it’s over is an awesome feeling! 🙂

    for comments: go to dashboard –> settings –> discussion –> then you uncheck both of the boxes next to “before a comment appears”. i personally like having “comment author must have previously approved comment” checked to prevent spammers though!

    • We always have really bad weather too but it’s always worth it 🙂 and thanks so much!! I was so confused haha I think I’m gonna do the same thing you do! I’m still trying to get familiar with everything!

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