Kick Butt Kickboxing

While I was walking to class this morning, I realized that I forgot my sneakers. :/ This did not make me a happy camper. I usually go straight to the gym after class, so I carry my workout gear with me. Since I was sneaker-less, I had to change my workout plans for the day.

I looked at the fitness class schedule and chose kickboxing. I love kickboxing classes and haven’t been to one in a while so I figured it would be the perfect day to attend a class. It wasn’t the hardest kickboxing class I’ve ever taken, but I still got my sweat on 🙂

When I got home, I was STARVING. I made a smoothie for lunch. It’s probably the easiest and simplest smoothie recipe ever!

That’s right – you only need a banana, milk, icecubes, & vanilla! Put it in the blender and BAM – a refreshing smoothie!

My roomie, Laura (aka The Carbivore), brought a magic bullet for our apartment after many failed attempts with a real blender. (We have bad luck with all types of electronics.) But this little baby is awesome! It blends everything really well and pretty fast. It’s always extremely easy to clean!

I was still hungry after I downed the smoothie so I grabbed some chickpeas and put them in some spaghetti sauce 🙂

I’ve been on a chickpea kick lately and I’m trying to find some simple, easy ways to make them!


What are some chickpea recipes that you love?



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8 responses to “Kick Butt Kickboxing

  1. I’m so happy to hear you go to PSU!! The classes there kick ass– I remember loving ‘Calorie Killer.’ I graduated 2 (eek almost 3 soon) years ago and haven’t been back since. I’m thinking of going to Blue & White this year. In the mean time I’ll re-live my PSU memories vicarious through your blog : )

    • calorie killer is definitely a killer! Haha The weather isn’t looking too great this year for blue & white :/ But it’s always a fun time no matter what. I’m so excited for this weekend! It needs to hurry up lol

  2. The Carbivore

    yay for the magic bullet!!!!!!!! hahaha ps i can see you

  3. I want a magic bullet!!! Will it make fro-yo?

  4. I LOVE my magic bullet! It’s especially nice since there is virtually no clean up, and I’m lazy 😉
    I made salt and vinegar chickpeas, and loved them! Here’s the recipe:

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