Holey Moley

So when I woke up and saw that it was raining, again, I knew I wanted to wear something comfy. I didn’t want to look too frumpy with sweatpants so I wore a pair of my favorite jeans. They haven’t always been my favorite, but I lost some weight so now they are baggy and loose and just good for ‘bummin’ days. There’s only one teeeeny little problem:

Hole. In. The. Crotch.

I refuse to get rid of them. #1 I like how comfy they are and #2 I have a problem getting rid of things, even if they are broken, ripped, old, and so on and so forth. (I’m a freak)

So I’ll probably be wearing these babies until they rip to the point of no return. Hopefully this won’t happen while I’m out in public. That would kinda suck =P

Like I said, it’s raining here AGAIN. 😦 This weather makes me want to vomit. Don’t get me wrong, I like an occasional rainy day (especially when I can stay in bed and watch movies), but this has just gotten out of hand. It has rained 10/13 days in April here so far. I’m starting to think that I will never see the sun again.. this is why I plan on moving to Florida after I graduate. (More to come about this in an upcoming post 🙂 )

Rainy day = perfect day for some chicken noodle soup.

I’m trying to muster up the courage to venture back outside into the monsoon. I need to get some work done which means I need to leave my apartment. I can never be productive here.. too many distractions!


Do you have an article of clothing that you can’t find the courage to get rid of?




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6 responses to “Holey Moley

  1. The Carbivore

    It’s technically not clothing, but I can’t get rid of my blankie………. 🙂 AND I NEVER WILL.

  2. I have some “wear inside” yoga pants that are just SO comfy, but they have a big bleach stain on them.

  3. i have a pair of jeans with a hole in the crotch i refuse to throw away. they are my FAVORITE!

  4. I’m such a clothing hoarder – I cleaned out my closet last night and it nearly killed me! I had the same thing happen to a pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans and I ended up keeping them, even though I’ll never wear them now because of the hole…it’s too painful to toss such a pricey pair of jeans!

  5. I totally have a pair of these jeans, I wear them around the house… but I cannot get rid of them, I have had them for years!

    I just found your blog, cant wait to keep reading 🙂

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