Doin It Live

Last night was a lot of fun! I bought some Riesling (SOOO good!). I never had it before, but I heard good things about it. I love the sweetness and it was perfect! Danielle and I watched our favorite show, Vampire Diaries, while Laura was getting ready. Then we went to our friends birthday party and had a great time!

all black everythinggg

Our theme for the night was Doin It Live and we decided we would all match and where some sexy black dresses 😉

So far today has been good. I just got back from lunch with Laura, Britt, & Britt’s mom. We went to one of my favorite places here, The Deli. I ordered the Baja Swordfish Salad.

This salad was delicious! It had avocado, corn, and tomatoes. It was nice and light. The swordfish was cooked perfectly as well!

Now Laura and I are just sitting in our apartment looking at the snow/sleet/rain MESS that is happening outside. GROSS! It’s the end of April.. no need for snow! This is a far cry from yesterday when I captured this picture:

We’re going to go to Full Body Workout later and it’ll be nice to get my muscles movin! We’re also going to stop at Starbucks some time today to get our free tea/coffee! 🙂

How is the weather where you are?



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8 responses to “Doin It Live

  1. I went to Starbucks with my mom this morning and got my free coffee 🙂 loves!
    Last night I had to haul my boots out of the closet to wear out for a night on the town because my dad said it was supposed to snow! I woke up this morning to snow on the ground, boo!

  2. What a fun day! It’s really hot here, Miami only has one kind of weather. Scorching lol

  3. Yay for free coffee!! It is disgusting here today and yesterday it was gorgeous… I dont get it!

  4. You and your friends are so prettyyy! Love Riesling! And a swordfish salad sounds kind of excellent too 🙂

  5. So cute! Nice weather. It’s sunny in CA per usual, but FREEZING. 😦

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