Bucket List

There are so many things that I want to do in life so I decided to make a little bucket list!

  1. Go skydiving.
  2. Ride a jetski.
  3. Go hunting.
  4. Graduate from college.
  5. Lose 20 pounds.
  6. See a sunset on the west coast.
  7. Go on a blind date.
  8. Swim with dolphins.
  9. Backpack through Europe.
  10. Travel all around the world.
  11. Secure a job that I am passionate about.
  12. Climb a mountain.
  13. Go snorkeling.
  14. Move to Florida.
  15. Fall in love.
  16. Own a pet.
  17. Have children.
  18. See a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.
  19. Live in southern California.
  20. Ride a zip-line.
  21. Learn how to cook some delicious dishes.
  22. Teach fitness classes.
  23. Visit all 50 states.
  24. Ride a motorcycle.
  25. Write a book.
  26. Be an extra in a movie.
  27. Learn a foreign language.
  28. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square.
  29. Go to the World Series
  30. Roadtrip across country.
  31. Meet John Mayer.
  32. Run in a 5k.
  33. Go to a taping of Ellen.
  34. Chase a tornado.
  35. Go on a cruise.
  36. See the sunrise on an east coast beach and see the sunset on a west coast beach in the same day.
  37. Become a Zumba instructor.

2 responses to “Bucket List

  1. emrecnl

    1. Go skydiving.
    30. Go skydiving.
    Just saying.. 🙂

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