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Mom Visits!

I had a pretty great day! It’s raining again in State College, but I’m so used to it that I try not to let it affect my mood anymore.

My mom came to visit today!!!!! πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen her for almost 2 months now.. too freakin long! Danielle, Laura, Britt, my mom, and I went to dinner at Cozy Thai. My mom never had Thai food before, and she ended up really loving it!


mid-smile haha.. I hope she doesn’t kill me for putting this picture up..! (Sorry Mom! You look beautiful!) But she’s cute and I love her so much! πŸ™‚

I ordered Pad Khing (Ginger Stir-Fried). It was delicious!

It originally came with rice, but I ordered noodles instead! Yummy in my tummy πŸ™‚

This was the second time I’ve ever had Thai food and I am obsessed. It’s delicious! And a good meal is always made greater with wonderful company! I had an overall great time! (Love you Danielle, Laura, Britt, and Mommy <333)

Afterwards we went to….. WALLYWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! (aka Walmart hahaha) Love that place! Stocked up on a bunch of food!

Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday πŸ˜‰

What is your favorite Thai dish?




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