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Chopped ✂

Sooooooo I decided to be somewhat spontaneous and get my hair cut today! 🙂 I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I finally followed through! My hair was so dead and damaged, and I just wanted to get rid of it. I also had a coupon! It only cost me $15!!

awkward self-taken photo

There it is – the new ‘do! (I didn’t fully style it because I’m not going out anywhere tonight, but you get the idea haha) I feel so much better and I’m very happy I got it cut 🙂 Now hopefully my hair is healthy enough to grow faster so I can have long, beautiful hair in the future!

Calorie Killer kicked butt! It was an hour long and nothing short of amazing. I don’t think I ever sweated that much in my entire life! We kept rotating through cardio and strength training drills. Definitely killed those calories 😉

one of the fitness rooms where we have classes!

Afterwards it was time for a little treat! Laura and I stopped and got some froyo at Campus Candy!

I meant to take a picture before I started eating, but I forgot 😛 Usually their froyo costs $0.49 an ounce, but today they had a little sale and it only cost us $0.25 an ounce – toppings and all! I got some chocolate and white macadamia nut froyo with chocolate sprinkles and some crumbled oreos. So yummy 🙂

Tonight I’m not doing much of anything. I don’t really have any school work to do other than start getting things together for finals. But since I’m #1 procrastinator, that is not happening haha I’m just going to listen to music and put together a little shopping list so I’m prepared to go to the grocery store tomorrow!
My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her! I’m not going home for Easter so she’s going to bring a little bit of Easter to me 🙂


What is one of your favorite, yet simple, recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?


What is your favorite froyo flavor?




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Watery Wednesday

Ah, today has been a pretty decent day! I woke up this morning around 6:15 am and the sun was rising and shining bright! But unfortunately this was not the case as the day went along 😦 As soon as I was done with my classes around 12:30 pm, it was rainy, cold, and dreary.

But the weather has not put a damper on my day! I went to the gym directly after class and had a pretty good workout! I did a total of 40 minutes of cardio on the precor 100i elliptical machine. (I definitely recommend trying one out!) My workout was as follows:

1-5 minutes at resistance 10

5-20 minutes at resistance 14

20-30 minutes at resistance 12

30-35 minutes at resistance 10

35-40 minutes at resistance 8

Overall I burned a total of 484 calories and traveled 4.29 miles!

After my workout I went home and ate some yummy lunch! I had some left overs from last night’s dinner.

I made this hamburger helper-esque meal using just 4 ingredients: ground venison, whole wheat spiral pasta, cheesy taco seasoning, and some italian garden spaghetti sauce. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but it was certainly yummy!

My roommate, Laura, and I thought it would be a good idea to take a trip to WallyWorld tonight! (This is our nickname for WalMart.. we love that place a little too much haha) I was running low on food so I just needed to pick up a few things for the next week or so.

I spent $14.21 and got all of this! (I’m a bargain shopper hehe) I can’t wait to make some panini’s with my feta cheese and turkey! And I already dug into the tortilla chips and salsa which turned out to be my dinner =P Healthy… haha

I’m still trying to fix my blog and make it “me”. I’ve been trying different themes and layouts so my blog has been kinda messy. But I promise it will be right where I want it sometime soon!

Funny thing happened today. I texted my roommate, Laura, telling her how I started a blog in January and then never followed through with it until a couple days ago. She replied that she did the EXACT same thing! (I swear we are twins) So check her blog out: TheCarbivore! She has a really cool post coming up about our spring break vacation!

Time for some tv, facebooking, and eventually bed! Nighty night! 🙂

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