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Fresh to Death

Laura is going to love the title of this post 😉

Good evening! I was debating whether or not I wanted to write tonight, and I figured why not?

Last night I had another amazing meal!

Shrimp and scallop stir-fry! I could eat seafood every single day! I can’t get enough 🙂

This afternoon I found myself rummaging through my kitchen trying to find something to eat then BAM I found a mango! My roommate, Britt, used to make mango salsa back at school so I thought that would be a perfect thing to make on this gorgeous day! I love fresh fruits and veggies so much 🙂

I chopped up some onion, tomato, mango, and colorful peppers and blended them all together! It came out pretty good! I think it’s missing something though.. it needs a little kick!

I tried unpacking a little bit, but that was no fun..

Today was an extremely boring day. I woke up, watched Regis & Kelly, then Ellen, then the View, and then I went outside. I realized that a lot of my summer days are going to be like this so I need to figure out ways to keep myself occupied.. I really want to read! I’m not an avid reader, but if it’s a book I really like I won’t be able to put it down. I’m looking for some suggestions!!

What are some of your favorite summer reads?




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